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The underground system operates between 5:30-01:00, with a frequency of 3-12 minutes.


In 1953, the new Montreal Transportation Commission proposed its own métro project. The first phase involved construction of a 12.5 km line under Saint-Denis, Saint-Jacques and Sainte-Catherine streets, at a cost of $117 million. All it required was the approval of Montreal’s elected officials, but they postponed the project out of an excess of caution. Meanwhile, the City of Toronto forged ahead with its own plans and inaugurated its first métro stations in 1954. The success of the Toronto Subway proved that freeways could not solve all of the urban traffic problems.

The Metro was inaugurated on October 14, 1966.

The Montreal Metro was inspired by the Paris Metro, which is clearly seen in the Metro’s station design and rolling stock.



Honoré-Beaugrand station
Honoré-Beaugrand station
Montmorency station
Montmorency station
Saint-Michel station
Saint-Michel station

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