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Buenos Aires Underground Buenos Aires Underground


The first section of this network (Plaza de Mayo-Plaza Miserere) opened in 1913.

Evolution of the network from 1913
Evolution of the network since 1913

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The underground system operates between 5:00-23:00, with a frequency of 3-6 minutes on weekdays and Saturday’s. On Sunday’s and other legal holidays, it begins operations slightly later from 8:00-23:00.



Ramos Mejía and Libertador
Ramos Mejía and Libertador
Intendente Saguier
Intendente Saguier. It is the terminal station and connects with Line E at Plaza de los Virreyes.
Leandro N. Alem
Leandro N. Alem. Leandro N. Alem is a terminal stationLine BBuenos Aires Underground. The station’s name honours Leandro N. Alem, a politician from the late 19th century.